Monday 30 November 2020


Encouragement for Your Marriage: A Princess of Grace Pursues Peace


 A Princess of Grace seeks and pursues peace.

Two people going their own selfish ways cannot experience the oneness of marriage.

A Princess of Grace makes an intentional effort to seek and pursue peace.

How do we pursue peace?

1. Live for things that really matter - peace at home.

2. Talk gently. Don't yell or use words that tear each other down.

3. Take the initiative to actively go after reconciliation, rather than waiting for the other person to take the first step.

4. Maintain as much physical contact as possible with your spouse during conflict resolution - hold hands as you talk.

5. Strive to be the one who resolves conflicts in your marriage, not the one who starts them.

6. Forgive your spouse and don't hold grudges. Don't dredge up misdeeds from the past.

Part of loving your spouse involves forgiving him/her daily. 

When you eagerly seek to forgive, you are pursuing peace, you are pursuing oneness, not isolation.

Don’t keep records of wrongs and don’t let the negatives build up. This brings peace to you and your home.

"Blessed are the peacemakers." - Matthew 5:9

"Seek peace and pursue it." - 1 Peter 3:11



"使人和平的人有福了" - 马太福音 5:9

"寻找并追求和睦。" - 彼得前书 3:11

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