Wednesday 25 November 2020


Encouragement for Your Marriage: Learn to put up with a few things

    Learn to put up with a few things

This is marriage advice from a couple married for 60 years.

The Bible calls it forbearance. 

What is forbearance? 

  1. It means tolerance, gentleness, leniency, patience, or refraining from the enforcement of a right or obligation that is due. 
  2. Related words are courtesy, clemency, mercy, indulgence, restraint and temperance. 
  3. Forbearance is the opposite of being judgmental, vindictive, and paying back tit-for-tat. The literal meaning of forbearance is holding back. In classical Greek, it is used as a truce of arms.
  4. It means that when my husband does or says something that I don’t particularly like or agree with, I don’t snip back at him. Instead, I cut him some slack, give him grace, and overlook the behavior or the offense.
  5. It means to be kind, soft and courteous toward my husband, even when he is being grumpy, even when he doesn’t deserve it.
  6. It means having a soft spirit and a soft tongue. 

The Bible teaches that this will get us a whole lot further than impatience. 

“By forbearance a ruler may be persuaded, and a soft tongue breaks the bone.” (Prov. 25:15)


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