Saturday 30 October 2021


How to Deal with Halloween as Christians?


This year our Little FECS and our Baby FECS chose to make a pumpkin house instead of a smiley face pumpkin.

As the evening winded down, our lonely pumpkin house grew more and more surrounded and a little too busy 🤣

Baby FECS added the rose petals bed.

Daddy FECS added the windmill - his love and pride ❤️ 

The only prop missing perhaps was Cinderella and the horse to turn it into a pumpkin carriage 😂 Well, maybe next year… for now Cinderella can make do with the yellow school bus added by our Little FECS 😁

We wanted to honor God and don’t want to celebrate scary things. So this is just our way of going against the cultural norm and still making it a little fun for our kids 😊

May the warmth, love, joy and peace of God fill your home today 🙂

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