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Farms to visit in Denmark

Below is a list of Danish farms that we think are worth visiting. They are mainly those we have visited in the past or would like to visit one day. Besides in June for strawberry-picking, these farms are worth visiting also from July to October, where harvesting of flowers, fruits and vegetables take place in Denmark.

1. Rokkedyssegård

13 June 2021 (5Y28D): Strawberry-picking at Rokkedyssegård

27 June 2021 (12Y3M22D): Raspberry-picking at Rokkedyssegård

This farm specializes in berries, although you can also harvest your own potatoes. Its berries are the best in Denmark, so juicy and sweet. It's one of the best places to pick strawberries in mid June. It is best to get there as the season starts for strawberry-picking. That's when you get to pick the biggest and juiciest strawberries. Check their website to follow when they open up for strawberry-picking. 

You can also dig potatoes here. The only disadvantage about this farm is that you have to buy ticket beforehand to pick strawberries. Thus, it requires a bit of planning beforehand. You also need to pay a service fee per ticket, but it's all worth it in my opinion as their strawberries and raspberries are the sweetest and tastiest we have tried, an unforgettable experience.

Lejrvej 45, 3500 Værløse
Tel: 31570740

It offers:

- Pick your own tulips 8 May. Tulips at their most beautiful now.
- Dig your own potatoes late May to late October
- Strawberry-picking 5 June, also mid August to 4 October (last day usually half price to empty the field of strawberries)
- Raspberry-picking 23 June to mid September. Best time mid July
- Cherry-picking mid July
- Black currant-picking mid July
- Flower-picking mid July
- Apple-picking to late October
- Plum-picking late august to late October
- Tomato-picking to late October (last weekend on 31 October). Best time end September
- Gala apple-picking from early October
- Blueberry-picking mid July to early October
- Mid October during the autumn school holidays special price with to dig potatoes
- Snobrød on bon fire and popcorn
- Carve a pumpkin
- Cafe, ice-cream, berry brunch
- Christmas hygge - waffles baking
- Sells duck for Christmas dinner

2. Jordbærcentret Vejborgaard

This farm is huge and located north of Copenhagen near Hillerød. It used to be very good seven years ago, but in recent years, the strawberries are rather small and few in between, making our strawberry-picking experience not as memorable. You don't have to buy a ticket beforehand to pick strawberries, unlike Rokkedyssegård. They don't have any animals or Christmas market.

Roskildevej 203,
Freerslev 3330 Gørløse
Tlf. 4827 8635
Tlf. 2097 8635 

The farm is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm for strawberry-picking 

It offers:

- Strawberry-picking from 4 June to mid July
- Peas-picking from 9 July to mid July
- Raspberry-picking
- Black currant-picking
- Market selling vegetables and fruits

28 June 2014 (5Y3M23D): Raspberry-picking at Jordbærcentret Vejborgaard

You can see more pictures from our outing here

3. Holmevang Frugtplantage

9 June 2014 (5Y3M4D): J harvesting potatoes with granny and daddy

Only 20 minutes drive from Copenhagen, it is one of the nearest farm. The strawberry farm is across the road from the farm house. You can harvest potatoes at the same time as  you pick strawberries. You can also harvest your own organic vegetables in October. You can cut your own Christmas tree. The farm opens from end March.

Frederiksholmsvej 3, Sengeløse
2630 Taastrup
Telefon: 51 30 75 58/ 40 17 16 36/ 42 83 77 43

It offers:

- Dig your own potatoes from late May to late October
- Strawberry picking from mid June to mid July 
- Apple-picking from mid August to third week of November
- Plum-picking from end August to almost mid September
- Self-harvesting of vegetables from late October
- Cut your own Christmas tree from mid November to late December (You can reserve a tree and cut it at a later date yourself or ask them to cut it for you)
- Christmas hygge - glogg, hot chocolate, Christmas pancake æbleskriver, apple juice... to Christmas Eve 

Here is a youtube video made by someone who visited this farm:

4. Freerslev Kotel

We found the above information on a farm that looks interesting, but we haven't been there yet. Archiving it here to try it :-) It is not free though. It costs 45 DKK for kids and 90 DKK for adults. For this farm, it is mainly to see farm animals.

5. Ventegodtgaard

It's located in the north of Køge. It's one of the few places that offer self-harvesting of pumpkins during early to end October. You can also self-harvest potatoes here. We missed it this year. We hope to go next year.

Naurbjergvej 26, 4623 Ll. Skensved
Tel. +45 5616 9005

It offers:

- Strawberry-picking from 15 June to 1 August
- Dig your own potatoes from 15 June to 1 September
- Apple-picking from 1 September to 1 November
- Self harvesting of pumpkins from 15 September to 31 October
- Tomato-picking 30 July to October
- Picking of basil, dill, celery, sweet potatoes, cabbage, broccoli from 10 July

- Cafe serving fish 'n' chips, soup, sausages, pancake, ice-creams, hamburgers, hot chocolate, apple juice, smoothies
- Petting animals such as rabbits, goats, chicken
- Play ground for kids
- Tractor rides for kids
- bon fire during autumn

6. Grennessminde - Det Økologiske Gartneri

It's located south of Copenhagen. It specializes in vegetables. You can self-harvest the vegetables and herbs. You can harvest your own flowers. You can also pick your own strawberries. They sell pumpkins, but you can't harvest your own pumpkins. They are closed during the summer school holidays and opens from 11 August. Check their website to find out what's on for picking before you go.

Snubbekorsvej 16-18,
2630 Taastrup
Tel: 43990470

It offers:

- Vegetable-picking from 1 June to late October.
- Strawberry-picking from 21 June.
- Flower-picking from early July to mid October. 
- Plum-picking to 19 August.

- Pony-riding
- Cafe serves pumpkin soup during autumn on Wednesday and Friday, cakes and hot chocolate and other soup according to the season. 
- Fastelavnboller during Fastelavn period
- Snobrød (Danish twist bread over fire) over bon fire in autumn on Tuesday and Thursday. Especially during the autumn school holidays.
- Mini zoo with farm animals you can pet.
- Early October make chestnut figures with kids at the cafe.
- Conduct courses in planting and flower arrangement workshops for adults.

7. Grantoftegaard

You can visit and pet their animals such as lamb, pigs, horses, etc. The stables are normally open daily from 10am - 2pm (Weekends from 10am - 12pm). They are open for Christmas with a Christmas market. They also keep bees and make honey. You can try their free horse carriage tour Wednesday and Thursday (except weekends and public holidays) from 10am - 12 pm. There is a nice and cozy cafe too to stop for rest and a cup of coffee. The Cafe is open Wednesday to Friday from 11am - 4pm, Saturday from 10am - 5pm and Sunday from 10am - 4pm.

Pederstrupvej 69,
Ballerup 2750
Tel: 88185860

It offers:

- Free horse carriage ride on Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 12pm (except weekends and public holidays) at Stor Pederstrup
- Mini zoo - you can pet rabbits, goats etc.
- Snobrød on bon fire from Monday to Friday during autumn (to end October). You cna buy the dough from the cafe at 20 DKK.
- Carve pumpkin. You can buy the pumpkin, but you can't self harvest it.
- Sells organic vegetables, honey, lamb and beef.
- Høstfestival usually around 4 Septmber
- Viking market 18-19 September with stalls selling viking times products - stones, food, jewellery, etc.
- Christmas market 5 December 11am

You can see pictures from our outing here

8. Frydenlunds Alle 7, 2950 Vedbæk

It is the one of the two farms as far as I know that you can pick Clara Friis pears. Clara Friis pears is a type of pear that are very sweet and crunchy. Our family loves them. You can to be fast and be there on the very first day when the season starts for picking, normally the first Saturday of September. They go fast! It is located up north of Copenhagen in a very beautiful surrounding with a nice mansion in the background.

Frydenlunds Alle 23B, 
2950 Vedbæk
Tel: +45 20 32 02 40  (10 – 12)

It offers:

- Pear-picking from 4 September to 10 October.
- Apple-picking from 4 September to 24 October.
- Opens mid June selling fruit products to November.

You can see pictures from our outing here

9. Kildebrønde Frugtplantage

It's located south of Copenhagen. You can self-harvest pumpkins here. They have "Cinderella" pumpkin for sale. Their products are not organic.

Kildebrønde Landevej 41, 
2670 Greve
Tel: 4361 0910

It offers:

- Strawberry-picking to 18 June 4 July at 35 DKK per kg
- Raspberry-picking 24 July to 7 August
- Apple-picking until late October 24
- Pear-picking until late October 24
- Clara Friis pear-picking opens 4 September at 10am to 3pm at 17 DKK per kg.
- Self-harvesting pumpkins from 2 October at 9am to 17 October at 35 DKK per pumpkin

- Sells rabarbar from end April
- Christmas market selling Christmas trees, but you can cut your own Christmas trees, hot chocolate and other Christmas goodies from 9 November.

10. Skobruget Sandet Juletræer & Pyntegrønt

Here is a beautiful place in Roskilde that you can cut your own Christmas tree. It has a fairytale-like forest full of rows of Christmas trees. We went there last year. They have two locations. We went to the location stated below.

Sandet 4,
4130 Viby Sjælland
Tel: +45 20967701

Opens daily from 10am - 4pm

You can read about our outing here

11. Dyssegaardens Juletræsplantage

You can cut your own Christmas tree here. It's open daily from 26 November to Christmas Eve. It's about 25 minutes drive from Copenhagen. It closes earlier on Christmas Eve at 1pm.

Frederiksborgvej 570, 
4000 Roskilde
Tel: 61 18 56 38

It offers:

- Cut your own Christmas tree
- Christmas market selling Christmas decorations, Christmas dress for children, etc.
- Cafe with waffles, hot chocolate and Christmas goodies
- Horse-carriage ride 10am - 4pm
- Santa Claus
- Sledging when there is snow
- Ride on donkeys
- Labyrinth made of hay for children 
- Pet farm animals i.e. pigs, etc.


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