Thursday 7 October 2021


Throwback Thursdays


I promise Daddy FECS that I will sort through our photo albums and find a back-up solution. What technology do you use to back-up your photos? 

It’s been a year since I have been a full-time mom, and I still haven’t done it yet. Life as a full-time mom is really busy 😅 

Finally I have started organizing our old photos. That will make Daddy FECS very happy. When he is happy, I am happy too 😃 

And I am starting a series called “Throwback Thursdays” and “Flashback Fridays”

Looking through old photos brought back so much memories…

This picture was taken in 2006 in our old apartment in Hellerup. Those were the days in our married life when I still had the leisure of time to make sushi 🍱 

It felt like just yesterday, but 15 years have flew past since.

It teaches me to appreciate our life together. Life is short. I am more determined than ever to let go of minor annoyances and to really appreciate and cherish each other. The days are short.

Before we know our life together today will all be in the past. Before we know, we may not have the health like before… Hopefully I am a bit wiser today 😊 

What about you? Does looking back at old photos make you appreciate your spouse more?

God bless your marriage ❤️

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