Saturday 22 October 2011


Katsudon - Japanese Pork Rice Dish

Serves 4


1. 4 pieces of pork cutlets (kottelettet)
2. 4 eggs separated yolks and whites
3. 2 big onions sliced
4. 1 handful of frozen peas
5. 1 plate of Japanese Panko breadcrumbs (rasp)
6. 50ml soya sauce (optional)
7. 100ml water
8. 50ml Japanese sake
9. 1 TBS sugar
10. 1 packet of dashinomoto (Japanese fish stock powder) (optional)
11. cooking oil


1. Make square slits in the pork cutlets, but only halfway through.
2. Coat them with beaten egg yolk and then coat with panko breadcrumb.
3. Fry in deep oil until golden (must put quite a lot of oil in the pan).
4. Turn pork around and fry the other side until golden.
5. Meanwhile, in a pot, add soya sauce, water, Japanese sake, sugar, onions and dashinomoto and bring to boil.
6. Transfer pork cutlets into the pot and cook for 1 minute.
7. Turn the pork around, add the remaining eggyolk and egg white into the pot under low heat.
8. Add the frozen green peas
9. Cover and simmer under low hear for 8 minutes or until egg and peas are cooked.
10. Serve with rice - scoop rice into a bowl and put the pork on top and serve.

Additional Information:

Daddy and I took a course in Japanese cooking class before Joshua was born, and we learned this from our Japanese teacher. This dish is one of My Superstar's favorite and I made it today.

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