Saturday 8 October 2011


Montessori Activity: Teaching Counting Objects with "Counting Tray"

Age: From 2.5 years old (Level 3)

Activity Duration: 5 - 10 minutes

1. To teach counting in a simple, logical and systematic way that can be grasped by toddlers.

1. 1 large bowl containing 10 objects from 1 - 10 units (I use:
- 1 yellow toy car
- 2 toy spiders
- 3 small plastic plates
- 4 plastic teaspoons
- 5 marbles
- 6 acorns
- 7 plastic toy fishes
- 8 pebbles
- 9 seashells
- 10 lego bricks (preferably same colour)

2. Counting Tray: one empty large tray to drop the objects when counting

1. Demonstrate by choosing the object starting with 1, for example the yellow car, by putting the toy car into the Counting Tray and count "one".

2. Remove the items and put aside.

3. Demonstrate again for the number two by choosing the two spiders and putting it one-by-one into the Counting Tray and count "one, two". Remove and put aside.

4. Continue with the rest of the items and demonstrate ending with 10, for example the 10 lego bricks, and putting them gently one-by-one into the Counting Tray. When putting the lego bricks into the tray, count "one, two, three... ten" as you go along until the last lego brick is counted.

5. Encourage your child to try with 1 object, 2 objects, 3 objects and so on... until 10 objects are all counted.

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