Monday 17 October 2011


Montessori Activity: Sorting Cutleries

Age: From 2 years old

Activity Duration: 5 - 10 minutes


1. To teach sorting
2. To teach cleaning up after oneself in a simple way that your child can understand


1. 1 small tray containing toy cutleries consisting of forks, knives, tablespoons and teaspoons.
2. 4-part container (or you can use the ice-cream mold as I did, if you have them)
3. 1 large tray


1. Demonstrate by sorting a set of the cutleries - fork, knife, tablespoon and teaspoon into each compartment.

2. Invite your child to try.

Additional Information:

J hasn't been very good at cleaning up his kitchen toys after playing. Last evening, instead of cleaning up for him, I gathered all the plastic cutleries and put it in a tray and made it into a Montessori activity by asking him to put them back in their respective places. Surprisingly, he (2Y7M12D) enjoyed this activity a lot. I asked him to sort the fork, knift, tablespoon and teaspoon back to the 4-part container (I use an ice-cream mold to store his plastic cutleries). At some point, he put the spoon in the wrong compartment and looked at me cheekily for my reaction. I pretended to show my disbelief :-) He completed it nicely this morning :-)

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