Friday 21 October 2011


J Summary (2Y7M16D) - Taking Noon Naps Again

For the past 4 days, J has been taking his nap at the daycare. The teachers told me that he began to take the after lunch again. They were very surprised, as he has stopped taking naps for sometime, perhaps 1 month.

I am VERY particular about J taking his naps. It is so important for growth and brain development. I belong to the school of thought that nap is crucial, although some belong to the school of thought that the child does not learn as much if he sleeps a lot - wasting precious time on sleeping. I rather J not learning as much than to miss his nap. His nap is sacred.

I have tried almost all means and ways... i tried, my best to keep to a schedule, putting him earlier or later to catch the right timing, pushing him on the pram, making him tired by physical activities, only short of rocking him in a cradle, but I failed to convince J not to drop his nap.

While the teachers were surprised, I secretly knew the secret. For the past few days, I told him that mommy would be very sad, if he is not taking his nap. I didn't mean to share with him my feelings as I didn't think that would make him try his best to sleep. To my great surprise, J tried his very best to take nap, because he doesn't want me to be sad. So he has been napping for the past few days.

What a sweet and sensible 2.5-year-old boy J is. He took his nap, because he didn't want mommy to be sad. I treasure it close to my heart. I know it won't be long before he would drop his nap, but so long that it lasts...

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