Saturday 22 October 2011


J Summary (2Y7M17D): Loves The Ryme Bible Storybook

J loves being read to, but only if the books are in Chinese. I tried very hard to read English nursery rhyme books and the Rhyme Bible to him, but he never had the patience for them. Although I am is very happy that he is so glad for Chinese books, I am a little sad that the Christian education is falling behind. Recently, I tried again and J, 1.5 year later, just loves the Rhyme Bible Storybook, and asked for more and more and more stories. He sat through every one of them, and even repeating after me. It is amazing what a change! How true it is, when the child is developmentally ready, it will come.

Don't lose heart, if your child doesn't have the patience for books. Continue to try again and again and again, and one day, you will find that you succeed. The ryhme in this Bible really flows very well, and it is really a joy to read it. I highly recommend this book.

Language Development

This evening during bedtime, J was practising Danish as like talking to his friends at the daycare. I asked him what he was talking about, and whether he was talking to his friends, and whether he was acting out a skid. He laughed and said yes. I am very happy for J and Daddy that J is so diligent in practising and practising his Danish. Danish is the social language here, thus, it is so good that J is doing that.

But I am sad that he is not practising his Chinese and English in the same manner, fearing his advancement would mean a set-back on his Chinese and English. He speaks Mandarin with his friend Amy, but I don't see him role-playing that during bed-time. I catch myself in my own selfishness and sinfulness. Am I trying to compete in the 3 language development of J - Danish, English and Chinese? How could I be sad? God, please forgive me. God is still working on me, and I am glad that He has not given up on me. It humbles me that I still have not mastered the art of cross-cultural living. Oh what a wretch I am that Jesus came into this world to save a sinner like me. I have to pick up from this low position and try again... and certainly to fail again along the way. Oh... what a privilege to have such a God, accepting me just as I am... an imperfect mom, imperfect Chinese and imperfect wife, and cheering me on towards life's challenges...

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