Tuesday 31 July 2012


Heritage Education: Danish Flag Dannebrog for Colouring

Singapore's National Day is coming on the 9th of August and I have downloaded the Singapore flag for Joshua to do colouring. I have also downloaded the Danish flag, as part of Joshua's heritage education. So here it is:

The Danish flag is called Dannebrog. The white cross represents Christianity. According to wikipedia, following Denmark, the cross designed was adopted by the other Nordic countries; Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Åland Islands and the Faroe Islands, as well as the Scottish archipelagos of Shetland and Orkney. During the Danish-Norwegian personal union, Dannebrog ("Danish cloth") was also the flag of Norway and continued to be, with slight modifications, until Norway adopted its current flag in 1821.

According to legend, the Dannebrog fell down from the sky during the Battle of Lyndanisse (today Tallinn in Estonia), 15 June 1219, the day on which we now call Valdemar Day.


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