Wednesday, 18 July 2012


J Summary (3Y4M13D) - Learn to Read

During one of our activities with puzzle, J pointed out to the word "playtime" and read it pointing to the syllabus with his fingers. I was pleasantly surprised, since English is his third language, and he hasn't been so keen to speak it. I also have not taught him to recognize the word playtime. Thus, I asked him where he learned to read the word from? He told me that it was from his teachers at the camp in Interlaken.

Next he saw the card "Schooltime" and he again read it pointing to the syllabus with his fingers. And it was also the teachers who have taught him that. Wow, he has really learned a lot in the five days in Interlaken. I am so grateful to the teachers Ms. Julia and Ms. Martie, both of whom are volunteers passionate about Children's ministry.

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