Sunday 22 July 2012


School Time/Skoletid/上课时间

Duration: 6.30 - 7.45pm (1 hour 15 mins)

I had no plans today, but Joshua picked on working on the alphabet. At 2 years old, he wasn't interested in the letters, but it seemed that at 3 years old, he was more keen on it now. It could be that we were at the English Sunday School in Switzerland, where he got to mingle with the American teachers and children, and suddenly English seems to be a useful and interesting language to him. Thus, I was very glad that we went to Interlaken for the summer seminars.

Today we worked on the alphabet. Today I tried to incorporate learning using the five senses - hear, see, touch and write.

Montessori Time:

I introduced fractions to Joshua using a toy cake. It was just for fun and I didn't expect Joshua to master it, just to get a feel of it at this age.

Joshua having fun with cutting and dishing out the cake...

You can get the toy cake from amazon:

Thereafter, he chose to work on the clock puzzle and I showed him how half past 6 o'clock looks like...

He chose to work on tracing letters next, which was a surprise to me, as up to now, he hadn't shown much interest in learning the letters. And he even completed tracing all 26 letters this evening.

He traced the letters mostly with his right hand, but occasionally with his left hand...

Joshua wanted me to take a picture of this "sandpaper" letter set. This set is really good in the sense that it shows the arrow and the sequence of tracing each letter. It was purchased from Popular Bookshop in Singapore, but unfortunately it was not available from Amazon.

Blanket Time:

Since we had spent so much time on Montessori, we read only one story from the Rhyme Bible. Then I got an idea - I called out a letter and asked Joshua to identify it in the page. Joshua then improvised this game further. He went to look for his letter puzzle and looked for the letter in the page.

Joshua wanted to take a picture of me holding up the Bible storybook. We bought this book from Amazon...

Joshua requested for Leap frog and he worked through the whole set of letters, although it was getting really late for bedtime:

Desk Time:

As time was getting really late, we only did one page of Chinese workbook this evening, although Joshua requested for more.


We said our night prayer thanking God a for good day and recited one tang dynasty poem. Joshua requested to sing the Singapore National Anthem. Daddy came over to join us, and we asked him to sing the Danish National Anthem. Joshua had a good laugh though because of Daddy's flat sleepy tone. We ended with the Good Night song, and Joshua fell asleep.

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