Saturday 21 July 2012


International Summer Camps for Children

We had such a great time learning and having fun at Interlaken in Switzerland that it prompted us to look out for summer camps for J next year. Since we could not find a suitable Montessori kindergarten near our home in Denmark, I would thus be very interested in looking out for summer camps all over the world that incorporate Christian education and Montessori teaching methods, that at the same time expose J to English or Chinese. Unfortunately, such a camp in Denmark seems to be totally non-existent, which means that we would have to look overseas.

It would be fun to go to a Montessori camp and at the same time get to visit and explore a new country and to get to know new people from all over the world each year during our vacation.

So I will be compiling a list of camps, mainly summer camps for children here:


1. Interlaken Summer Experience, Switzerland (3-18 years old)

2. YMCA Camp Mason, USA

3. Montessori School Summer Camp, USA (2 - 12 years old)

4. Apple Montessori Summer Camp, USA

5. Camp Montessori

6. Summer Adventures, USA (2 - 12 years old)

7. Centrikid Camps, USA (3 - 5 graders)

8. Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Summer Camp listings all over the US

9. Village Day Camps (4 - 14 years old)

10. International Summer Camps (7 - 18 years old)


1. Waterfront Montessori Summer Camp, Canada (4 - 6 years old)

2. Discovery Day Camp, Canada (2 - 12 years old)


1. Summer Camps and Shool Holiday Activities, Australia


1. Summer School, Denmark (4-15 years old, 24 Jun - 5 Jul)

2. Summer School, Montessori International Pre-School, Denmark (4-6 years old, 30 Jun - 11 Jul)

3. Scandinavia Chinese Christian Church Summer Camp, Denmark, (All ages, 7-13 Jul)

4. Lutheran Mission Summer Camp, Denmark

5. Science Camp at Universe (12-14, 14-16 years old, Jul-Aug, Sign-up 15 Feb)

6. Danish Christian Summer Camp (For all ages, 8-14 July 2017)

7. Teenarbejdet

8. Ballet Summer Camp at Tivoli Ballet School (8-14 years old, 1st week of August - week 27)

9. Ballet Summer Camp (10-14 years old)

10. Science Camp (13-16 years old)

11. Life Campus Science Camp


1. Code Today

This is a fantastic company that offers coding lessons for kids. J tried it in 2019. The class size is small - 7 kids. Besides learning python coding, he gets to immerse in a native English environment. The instructor has been dedicated and service-minded. They even allow parents to sit in, since our son's first language is not English. The Manager is also very dedicated, coming over to make sure that everyone is settled down well and that the class is running smoothly. There is a cozy cafe in the basement of the classrooms for parents to take a break, have a coffee and snack too.


1. Holiday Programme at Mustard Seed Early Learning School, Singapore (2.5-10 years old)

2. Worldly Wise Kids' Camp, Singapore (8-12 years old)

The camp is a 5 day non-residing holiday camp for 8 - 12 years olds in Singapore that introduces them to the world through a wholly sensory experience. The aim is to arouse in our youths a keen interest in the world around them. We hope to delight and excite the campers with the many diverse ways around the globe while helping them recognise the commonalities we do share. Tel: 65-83888904.

3. Julia Gabriel Education Centre, Singapore

4. Camp Asia, Singapore (2 - 14 years old)

5. Learning Horizons Holiday Camp, Singapore (1.5 - 12 years old)

6. Listing of Children Camps in Singapore

7. Montessori Enrichment Classes in Singapore

8. LEGO Learning Experience, Singapore (4-10 years old)

In time to come, I hope to compile a list of summer camps that immerse children in the Chinese language and culture.

9. Summer School


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