Monday 20 June 2011


Canned Food Fun

Inspired by Counting Coconuts

Something so ordinary as canned food which are found in your home may bring some fun to your child without costing anything. Just be careful that your child does not bang it onto the floor! To prevent this, you can put your child on a carpet, when playing with canned food.

You can find more fun stuff that don't cost a thing here.

Basket or tray with 5 canned food

What to do with them?

For babies 9 months to 1 year old:
  • Let Baby touch them.
  • Shake the cans for Baby and let Baby listen to it.

For toddlers 1 year old to 2 years old:
  • Let your child stack them.
  • Shake them and listen to it.
  • Talk to them about the colours and the sizes.

For preschoolers 2 to 4 years old:
  • Let your child stack them by sizes.
  • Shake them and listen to it.
  • Roll them.
  • Ask them to name the colour and size.
  • Compare them with the geometric solid cylinder.
  • Let them notice the varying weight of each can. Ask them which is heavier, which is lighter, etc.

Additional Information:
J (2Y3M15D) tried this today. Arrggh... all he wanted was to open the cans!!! I pretended that I did not have the strength to open the cans. I then encouraged him to shake them and listen to them instead. I talked to him about the colours and the sizes. We then stacked the cans together according to sizes. We had some fun with it, before the novelty of it wore off.



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