Tuesday 14 June 2011


Having Fun at Home: Things I Don't Do

People tell me that I do a lot for J. Those reading my blog or facebook about the Montessori activities I try to do with J may get the wrong impression that I am a "Do-it-All". I am faaaaaaaarr from it!

No one could describe it better than the author below. So I won't attempt to write a post on it, but rather share with you this well-written and encouraging post from Having Fun at Home: Things I Don't Do: "I spend an awful lot of time on this blog writing about things I do in my home with my family. It occurred to me the other day that some pe..."

But to add to the list, there are many things that I don't do, neglect to do, don't get to do, procrastinate or delegate to my wonderful hubby - I guess I focus on the educational and fun stuff, while Daddy focuses on the practical but mundane and boring stuff. People don't know, because I don't blog about them:

1. Balancing the family accounts at month end - always late.
2. Do, hang and fold laundry.
3. Take the rubbish out.
4. Wash the toilet, de-calcifying the tap and unclog the sewage.
5. Vacuum, sweep and wash the floor.
6. Go shopping for clothes.
7. Bathe J or change his diapers.
8. Cut J's nails.
9. Clean J's nose and ears.
10. Cut J's hair.
11. Buy shoes for J.
12. Go for building management meeting.
13. Get up-to-date about our insurance.
14. Wash our car.
15. Water the plant and caring for them.
16. Washing the floor of our balcony.
17. Cleaning our windows.
18. Watching TV.
19. Making regular trips to the Dentist.
20. Planning vacation, researching places to visit and checking flight ticket cost - I have lost this skill, since J was born.
21. Going out to chill-out with friends.
22. Wash and change the bed linens.
23. Servicing our car.
24. Servicing our bicycles.
25. Liaising with handyman.
26. Sending our TV for repair.
27. Replacing our faulty camera - so that I can continue to take pictures again for my blog.
28. Purchasing anti-virus for our computer.
29. Replacing our old computer.
30. Tidying up our attic.
31. Buying the diapers and toilet rolls.
32. Ironing clothes.

As I type this list... I realize that there are so many things, I am not good at. God reminded me to be thankful and appreciative of Daddy... and not to focus on the one black spot on a white wall. To make this household work, we cannot do without each other. And even with the two of us, there is only so much that we can do, that we have to close one eye to the others.

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  1. I, like you, have many things I don't do well or forget to do or just don't have the time to do. I figure it's the life of a mom. The things I do remember to do {like spend time wiht my sons} are the important things. :) I think you are doing all of the important things.


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