Sunday 12 June 2011


Montessori Activity: Advanced Mystery Bag Game

Building a mirror-image sculpture designed by Yang Li with items from the Mystery Bag.

Age: From 2 years 3 months old

Activity Duration: 15 minutes

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Number of Players: 2


1. To stimulate the children's keen sense of touch.
2. To teach the names of objects and broaden the child's vocabulary.
3. To teach team work.

How to play?

1. Fill 2 sets of 15 different items into each drawstring bag.

2. Call an item and instruct the first player to find the object from her bag by touch without peeping in.

3. Instruct the first player to display the object on the table.

4. Instruct the second player to find the same item in his bag and display the object on the table in a mirror image.

5. Repeat until all the items called are displayed in a mirror image.

6. Clean up by asking the first player to put the named item and place it back into her bag.

7. It is the second player's turn to put the name item into his bag.

8. Repeat until all items are placed back into the bags.

Additional Information:

The traditional Montessori Mystery Bag game is losing the novelty appeal to both Amy and Joshua (2Y3M6D). It is getting too simple for them. My friend, Yang Li, invented this game and the children had a lot of fun playing this game during our "Fun with Chinese" Class with Toddlers yesterday.

I was very impressed with the mirror-image "sculpture" the children have made. Later, based on instruction, one-by-one, they put back the items into the mystery bag and everything is cleaned up in a fun and orderly manner.

All the items are now kept back into the mystery bag, well done, Amy & Joshua!

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