Sunday 26 June 2011


Montessori Activity: Washing Toys

Age: From 2 years old

Activity Duration: 15 minutes


1. To teach the child to care for things.


1. 1 basin half-filled with water
2. Toys to be washed
3. 1 brush
4. Body shower cream


1. Squeeze a bit of shower cream into the basin and fill it with water to create bubbles.

2. Put in the toys for washing.

3. Demonstrate to the child how to wash the toys. Tell him that now we will learn to wash the toys together.

4. Invite the child to try.

Additional Information:

We managed to go for a round at the Summer Sunday flea market today, before heading off to church. I love to get some good bargains from flea market, but hate to wash the toys afterwards. Unfortunately, Daddy is not too keen to help me with this boring task too :-( But I have now found myself a "helper". I enjoy setting up activities for J. When turning this mundane washing toy activity into something educational for J, suddenly it makes me feel passionate about washing toys and looking forward to washing the toys.

I set up the cleaning equipment and let J (2Y3M21D) "wash" the toys until he is done with it. Well, he plays more with it, than real washing, as can be seen in the picture! Then I take over and give the toys a real wash. He can help me to wipe it dry afterwards.

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