Monday 26 November 2012


Cultural Differences...

The extent Chinese parents will sacrifice for the education of their children...

Here is an article about a Chinese family taking jobs as public toilet cleaners… but they are so poor they have to live in it.

The quality of education in the countryside though free, cannot be compared to the city. This Chinese family moved to the city to give their son a better quality education... not unlike the Singaporeans who move home to within 2 km of the school of their choice... thus the extreme high property prices in Singapore near good schools.

In Denmark, people don't quite choose their home according to the school, they choose the home, then the school. In Singapore, people choose the school, then the home. In China, people choose the city of the school, then the home... even if the home is in the toilet...

In school in Singapore, I used to learn in Chinese classes stories about legendary Chinese of ancient times, who undertook extreme hardship and overcame all odds... It is hard to believe that this still exists in real life in China... I sincerely hope that this family's efforts would pay off. At least, their son looked very motivated in his studies in the photo... that is a good start.

Are they happy?

I quote:

"Despite her cramped living conditions Wang Xuanna says: 'Happiness isn’t about money. Happiness is about a loving family. I feel happy because my husband cares about me and my son is a good boy.'" Food-for-thought for the rest of us...

To the west, this may be absurb, but I do admire this Chinese family for their courage, determination and perseverance.

I ask myself: Can I do it?

I do have a lot of courage, determination and perseverance... but I don't think I can live in a toilet... unless the toilet is tiled with marble and fully carpeted... I have been raised up too soft in Singapore.

But even if I could, can my Danish hubby do it?

I don't think so. He already complained that the primary school I signed J up is too far away from our home :-(

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  1. HI Elaine, I'm elated to have bumped into your blog. There're so many things you mentioned that I can relate to!

    - I'm Singaporean Chinese married to Malaysian Chinese, staying in KL.
    - My older son is born in Feb 2009, almost the same as your son. (My younger son just turned one.)
    - We're striving to be trilingual in English, Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia. I speak mainly Chinese with the children, husband English & Chinese, and we're all learning Bahasa together.
    - We're currently homeschooling using the Shichida & Montessori methods.
    - Oh, and I'm also a perfectionist who is much more toned down now. Haha!

    Look forward to reading more of your posts. All the best!



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