Sunday 25 November 2012


J Summary (3Y8M20D) - Peeling Carrots


J loves to help me to cook. He would ask me for the recipe and steps, and would get very upset if I go onto a step in the cooking process without him observing it.
Today, I asked him to peel the carrots, while I had a break to read some news :-) He first tried it to peel carrots, when he was 2.5 years old. It has been one year now, and boy, I am impressed with his skills. Below is his finished work, all 6 carrots.
He then helped me to blend the carrots after steaming them. Yes, I am still making baby food and freezing them up, even though J is 3.5 years old now. This is because, he doesn't eat as much vegetables as I like him too. So I hide them in his oatmeal porridge every morning. Actually, I openly does it. He knows it. He would actually asks for it.
J loves to sing at the moment. He still loves his books. He has started to show some interest in recognizing Chinese characters. He plays very well with other children... but mainly girls. For some reason, the girls will come to him, even at playground. When he is invited for play dates, it is also the girls and their parents who invited him. Hmmm... I am still trying to find how I can find him some friends who are boys. I think it is because he is not as wild and rought as other boys his age. But I am glad that we now have a regular playdate with a boy in his Chinese class, which they seem to get along, but still not to the extent of popularity that he has with the girls.

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