Friday 16 November 2012


Montessori Activity: Hundred Board


AGE: From 4 years old (After the child has been introduced to the Teen Board and Ten Board)


1.     To provide the experience and learning in sequence numeral from 1 to 100.

2.     To show the layout of the whole chips and the sequence numerals.

3.     To enable search for certain numeral.


1.     1 set of Hundred Board (A wooden board frame. The board is lined to form one hundred squares. A wooden box with a divider in the middle to hold 100 chips... Square chips with numerals 1 ..100 printed on them)

2.     1 mat


1.     Place the box on the right upper of the rug.

2.     Layout out the chips and category from left to right.

3.     Find the numeral 1, put it on the upper left of corner square and say its name.

4.     Find the numeral 2, put it on the right of the 1 chip (You may ask child to help you find the numeral) and say its name.

5.     Ask your friend to find the numeral 3 by saying: “Can you find the good friend of number 2? Yes, it is number 3.”

6.     Continue with each group of chips and encourage child to work with you until whole chips are filled in.

7.     When finished, replace the chips to the box.

8.     Replace the material to the shelf and roll the mat and replace it.


1.   Remove some of the tiles and have the child insert them back to the correct places.
2.   When child can do the work independently and correctly, have him write the numbers on squared paper of long row of paper from 1 to 100.



1.     Seeing the child does not put chip on the right sequence.

2.     Seeing the child does not filled in the whole chips.

3.     Seeing the chips left on the mat.


J (3Y8M11D) tried this for the first time today. He enjoyed it very much, but didn’t want to say the name of the numbers out loud. I did not insist. If I say the name of the number, generally he could find the corresponding tile. It was a long session to do all to 100. I only had in mind to complete up to 30 or 50, but he suggested to go on after each ten. We reached 100 and it felt good. He felt the sense of achievement. I am so proud that he was the one to suggest to continue and that he went on to finish it. But I hope one day he could do it without me by his side.


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