Saturday 9 February 2013


Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013

Here is wishing everyone a joyous and peaceful Chinese New Year. It will be the year of the snake (not my favourite animal).
For a post on how we celebrate Chinese New Year with an educational element, see my previous post here:
We started the day with... hemmm... what else... but Chinese class... yes, even on the Big Chinese New Year's Eve day, the class shall go on... It is good that we three mothers think alike and wish to continue the class, and that I am not the only crazy one.
None of the modern Chinese mothers have any superstitions about touching books during Chinese New Year, so that was good. (Books in Mandarin sounds the same as "lose", and thus traditionally it is considered a taboo to touch books on Chinese New Year)
If there is one thing I miss, that would be the all important once a year Chinese New Year's Eve Reunion Dinner with my family back home in Singapore. Thankfully we were able to have a simple meal with some Chinese friends here in Copenhagen - Chinese hot pot. 
Yang Li telling the story of Chinese New Year in Chinese, while I did the English version
The time the children looked most forward to - dessert - we made the exception and serve western cakes
The children did the Chinese lion dance.... they tried feeding the lion with mandarin oranges.


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