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Nursery Lesson Plan: Trust in God's Promises

Lesson Plan
FIBC Nursery (0-5 years old)
Date: 17 Feb 2013, Time: 1 – 2.30pm
Concept Area: God
Theme: Trust in God’s promises
Key Bible Verse: Psalm 145:13 God keeps all of His promises.
Bible Story: Noah and the Ark
Teachers: Elaine, Juliana and Timothy

12.50 – 1pm: Preparation & Prayer

·         Pray for the children who will come to hear and learn. Pray for positive, receptive spirits to hear God’s Word.

·         Bring a jug of water.

·         Set up room.

1-1.15pm: Game: The 10 Commandment Hoping Mat

·         The children stand in queue.

·         The child jumps 10 steps indicated by the number mat, picks a 10 Commandment flag and reads it aloud to everyone.


Say: “God wants us to obey Him. We can trust that God’s commands are for our good.”


1.15-1.30pm: Early Arrivers Activities

Activity Station 1: Pasting rainbow color straws

·         The order of colors are from outside to inside: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue and purple (7 colors).

 Say: “Let’s make a rainbow. The colors in the rainbow reminds you that God keeps his promises and we can trust in Him.”

 Activity Station 2: Matching pictures of animals
·         Pictures of animals in pairs for younger children to match

·         Pictures of animals and their names for older children to match

Say: “God keeps His promises. God looks after the needs of all the animals. God takes cares of you too. We can trust God.”

Activity Station 3: Making pictures of God’s promises on peg board

·         Creating a collage on peg board with multi-color pegs.

·         Encourage the child to create a picture of something he wants to thank God for.


Say: “Can you make a picture of something you want to thank God for? For example, God gives you flowers, food and all the goods things. You can trust in God.”

1.30 – 1.40pm: Bible Story Time

Bible Story: Noah and the Ark (Genesis 6:9-9:17)
Begin the story as follows:


1.     There was a man named Noah.

2.     Noah was a good man.

3.     God told Noah to build an ark.

4.     God told Noah to fill the ark with animals.

5.     God promised Noah he would protect him and the animals from a flood.

6.     Then it rained and rained and rained!

7.     Noah and the animals were safe inside the ark, just as God had promised.

8.     Then the rain stopped.

9.     The sun came out and God put a rainbow in the sky.

10.  God kept His promise to Noah.

11.  God always keeps his promises.


Illustrate the story with a transparent box, animal figures, watering-can for rain, water, a boat made of foam board, a lego man representing Noah, a sun and a rainbow.

1.40 – 2pm: Snack Time

·         Sing the “Say Grace Song

·         Get the older kids to distribute the snacks and cups.

·         Let the children cut the apple with the apple-cutter and bananas with the butter knife.

·         Ask the children to recite it one-by-one Psalm 145:13 “God keeps all His promises.”

·         Evaluation: Have the children say God will always love us (last week’s lesson) and provides for us. For example by giving us food and feeding us.

2 – 2.10pm: Nursery Rhyme

Start saying the rhyme. Say it several times. As you repeat the rhyme, start leaving out some of the rhyming words to see if the children can fill in the blanks for you. Nursery Rhyme:


God told Noah to build an ark.

He built the ark out of hickory bark.

He put the animals in the ark.

Two by two just like a zoo.

Then it rained and poured a lot.

The ark, it was a nice safe spot.

What is this all teaching you?

Trust in God, He’ll see you through.

2.10 – 2.20pm: Singing Noah and His Ark

Song: He’s Got All the Animals in His Ark (Sing to the tune of He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands)


He’s got all the animals in Noah’s ark. (Repeat two more times)

God saves the whole world in Noah’s ark.

He’s got the silly little monkeys in Noah’s ark. (Repeat two more times)

God saves the whole world in Noah’s ark.

He’s got the happy hippos in Noah’s ark. (Repeat two more times)

God saves the whole world in Noah’s ark.

He’s got the tiny turtles in Noah’s ark. (Repeat two more times)

God saves the whole world in Noah’s ark.

Fluffy little rabbits…

Itsy bitsy spiders…

Black and white zebras…

Pinky fatty piggies…

Handsome brave horses…

Chirpy singing birds…

Playful vow vow doggies…

Whiskie chubby cats..

Tall tall giraffes…

Huggy huggy bears…

Black eye pandas…

Moo moo cows…

Mighty roaring lions...

Strompy elephants...

Terrifying tigers…

Cutie cutie penguins…

Hoping jumping kangaroos...

Hunching hunching camels...

Icy white polar bears...


You can go on and on with any animal and a word to describe it.

Remember to take out the musical instruments. Other songs:

·         Jesus Loves Me

·         Read Your Bible

·         God Is So Good

·         He’s Able

·         Obedience

·         I Love You, Jesus

·         Deep and Wide


2.20 – 2.30pm: Clean up Time
·         Clean up together and sing the song “Time to Clean Up


2.30pm: Parents pick up kids

Continguency: The 10 Commandment Hopping Mat Game

More Toddlerific: Ages Toddler & 2s

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