Thursday 28 February 2013


J Summary (3Y11M23D) - In Time of Sickness Is When True Love is Experienced

J vomitted a few times last night due to food poisoning. I gave him a shower, while Daddy changed the bed sheets - twice. In the midst of suffering - J from stomach upset, and us from the lack of sleep and lots of work, we realized that there is much love in the air.

J felt loved by us. And I am amazed at the love of Daddy, to do all these dirty work. He did it much better than me. Can't imagine if this happen while Daddy is away on business trip, I wouldn't know how to survive!!! I also felt loved, that Daddy did all these without demanding that Mommy does it :-)

Yesterday being with J brought back images of my childhood, how when I was sick, my mum would stay up all night to take care of me, and how loved I felt. Made me miss my mum so much, and sad that I am not there for her now that I am grown up.

J also learned from this natural consequences that he should wash his hands more thoroughly and make sure not to put anything into his mouth that is dirty. Despite our efforts to teach him, such an experience is the best teacher.

In the above example, I am brought to mind and an understanding, why our good Lord sometimes bring sickness, though I would not wish it on anyone. There is always a good purpose for everything, even sickness.

Our family never felt so loved and united like last night, thanks to J's vomitting. This morning, we kept J at home, but Daddy took day off to take care of him, while I work (those lucky Danes have more annual leaves than people like me, who is not working in a Danish company!). And J was a happy boy despite being a little unwell, as his love tank is completely full :-)

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