Saturday 23 February 2013


Montessori Activity: Memory Game of Numbers

AGE: From 4 years old (after mastery of  Montessori Cards & Counters)


1.     To train the child’s memory

2.     To reinforce the concept of zero.

3.     To help the child transfer the knowledge of the numbers 0 to 10 from the “specific” material to everyday objects.

4.     To match the number of objects for each numeral.


1.     1 basket containing 11 slips of folded paper, each written a number (0 to 10)

2.     1 basket containing 10 objects with quantity 1-10 thus a total of 55 objects (e.g. 1 pen, 2 clips, 3 erasers, 4 crayons, 5 pencils, 6 marbles, 7 lego bricks, 8 stones, 9 buttons, 10 beads, etc.).

3.     11 trays (or container lids or colored paper acting as trays)


1.     Give each child a tray (up to 11 children altogether).

2.     One-by-one, let each child take a secret message from the basket, read the message carefully, e.g. “1”, put the message face down and go and find the appropriate object sand place on his tray.

3.     Once all the children have collected the objects, let the other child guess what the message is.

4.     Let the child who collected the objects count out loud the number of objects and verify with his message.

5.     For the child who had the message of 0, say: “You didn’t bring back anything, you must have the zero. Explain how because his message is 0, he brought back nothing, because zero means nothing.


1.     For younger children, when presenting the objects, place them into individual containers and arrange them in order.

2.     Give older children 2 messages at one time for them to know the notion of addition and subtraction.


The correct number of objects is provided.

I saved all the office canteen take-away dinner containers and use them for organizing the objects, and the container lids as trays for the children (Now you know that I have been such a bad mom always relying on take-aways!). I hope to try this out during the Chinese class for preschoolers.

Basic Montessori Learning Activities for Under-Fives


C wanted very much to play with this, and we finally tried it on Sunday 1 December 2019 (3Y6M15D). Initially she was rather distracted with the toys in the boxes - she built tower with the LEGO and hung the rabbits on top of the tower instead. But we got through the whole thing and i managed to add in the academic aspects to it by teaching the numbers. The whole process took quite long for this activity - about 30 minutes, thus it was good that I chose to do it on a weekend than on a weekday. She can recognize the numbers from 0 - 4 so far. I like this activity as it also introduce the concept of zero - represented by the empty box. Initially she asked why is the box empty, and she even preferred to put the zero sheet outside the box, instead of inside, after I explained to her.

This is how the things are stored, in transparent sandwich plastic bag

 1 December 2019 (3Y6M15D)

1 December 2019 (3Y6M15D): This was when she was distracted. The tower she built again and again after Daddy FECS taught her to secure the rabbits with a top brick. Sometimes, what you planned may not be realized, but it is good play nevertheless :-) 

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