Sunday 28 July 2013


J Summary (4Y4M23D) - J Learns to Cycle with Bike Training Handle (Day 2)

We started to teach J how to cycle yesterday. Today Day 2 of training, we focused on helping J to cover the distance without support. My friend YL gave us a training handle. Although we were sceptical about it, we put it on today. It turned out to be a great help. It was much easier to hold on to J with the training handle, enabling J to be the one to steer the bike, with Daddy close-by to grab the training handle as an added security when needed.

Below is the first video of the beginning of Day 2 training. We were actually pleasantly surprised how fast Daddy was able to let go of the training handle.

It gave J the confidence knowing that Daddy was holding on to him. And Daddy could let go of the handle gradually, and J actually could cycle without support, without knowing that Daddy wasn't holding the handle.

Here is a video:
Slowly J became more and more confident, and Daddy let go of the training handle more, and by the end of the day, J could cycle for the most distance without Daddy holding on to the training handle.
We stopped by a bench to quench our thirst...
and saw a family rowing boat and swiming in the lake:
By the time we went home, Daddy could bearly keep up with J and was running behind him. It was a pleasant surprise how fast children learn to cycle, and I was right that J was ready to start.
Towards the end of the trip, J could cycle longer and faster without support:
J could turn without Daddy holding onto the training handle.
We have arrived home:

On Day 3 of training, we will work on teaching J to get up and get off the bicycle. 
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