Sunday 7 July 2013


J Summary (4Y4M2D) - Growing Maturity & Independence

The Sunday School Teacher gave feedback that J had been a joy. He cut the fish fin himself without assistance, colored the fish on his own, and did everything without any assistance from the teacher. The teacher only helped him to stapled the fish together.

It helped that I was not there. If I was there, he would insist of me assisting him, and would not have been so independent.

The other day, I was so tired in the morning. J woke up, went to the toilet himself, pee and wash hands, removed his pyjamas and put them in the laundry basket, got dressed himself in Polo T-shirt and jeans and quietly did some activities, while mommy and daddy were sleeping. That was one of the good days when he was all matured and sensible, althogh not all days were such. I suspected some amiss for such good behavior - J must be trying to compensate something. I later found out that it was because he had wet the bed, and did not want us to know. Thus, he did all these chores so well all by himself! I got to know when I asked him.

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