Sunday 13 July 2014


J Summary (5Y3M29D) - The "Garang Guni Man"

29 June 2014 (5Y3M20D) - Is it the simplicity and contentment of a child's play or simply Joshie being the Garang Guni Man*?.... shoe box, net packaging, McDonalds toys... rubber bands...

We bought him Lego... etc., but Joshie derives the most pleasure from scavenging our waste bin... and turning his finds into toys... nad making theatre props with it.

Lesson learned:

1. No need to spend money on expensive toys - they will not be used. Just give him our junk.

2. When a toy is not played with, just put it in the waste bin and the Garang Guni man will come by and play with it the whole day!!!

* A Singaporean expression for the person who collects all kinds of junks.

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