Saturday 19 July 2014


The Power & the Touch of a Mother's Hands

Do not underestimate the significance of your hands... A mother's hands can bring warm memories of childhood, and reading this reminded me of my own mother, who nursed me with her hands when I was a child.

I am inspired... by the book "The Mission of Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson, who poignantly made me realise the power and the touch of a mother's hands and I quote:
"As I look back to the memories of my childhood, a strong image that comes to my mind is that of my mother's loving hands."
During illnesses...
"My memories of (childhood) illnesses... my mother would gently stroke my brow as she talked softly or told me stories and gave me her full attention."
While reading...
"As a young child, sitting next to her in a big children's book. Her fingers would point to the enticing, heart-delighting pictures and turn the pages of the large volumes as we leisurely sat together and talked and read."
Conquering fear...
"...when I was having recurring nightmare... I remember the comfort of my mother's hands when she came to my bedside. She would take my hand in hers as she knelt to pray with me, soothing away my fears and comforting me as she entreated God to take all of my bad thoughts away." 
During church service...
"...when I fidgeted in church services, I remember my mother's hands massaging my own, pulling and squeezing each of my fingers as she quietly played finger games with me." 
Oh may I be the kind of mom who holds my child with such loving and thoughtful hands.

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