Saturday 19 July 2014


J Summary (5Y4M14D) - Buying Ice-Cream with His Reward Points

J has been saving up his smileys from the Children's bonus system that we set up and have been paid out as cash. Today, he asked for an ice-cream after playing the piano. I thought that it would be a good chance for him to use the tokens that he has saved up. So we went to his piggy bank and took out 20 kr. The ice-cream costed 15 kr. and I asked him how much he should get as change back.
He got it right that it was 5 kr. although initially he said 4 kr. I wrote it down on paper. I also suggested that he put the 20 kr. into his wallet. This evening, we took a short walk down the lake and J bought an ice-cream and shared it with us.
He was very proud that he went shopping with his own wallet and his own money. He was very excited to try buying the ice-cream himself.
I think this helps to give tangible rewards for his hard work and give him a concrete purpose for learning Maths. I told him that if he ernestly learn Maths, he would be able to count and manage his money.
It was a fun activity and we made memories together.

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