Sunday 23 October 2016


Day 4: Baby's First Food - The Out-performing Olive Oil/Olivenolie/橄榄油 [gǎn lǎn yóu]

I chose to introduce the olive oil as the fourth baby food to Baby C. The Danish health authority advises that it is important for baby to consume sufficient fat in the diet for healthy physical and brain development, and recommended adding 1 tsp of fat per portion, whether it is butter or vegetable fat, if the baby food is not prepared with breast milk. However, it is important to use only good fats, of which olive oil out-perform all.

Olive oil has a strong taste, so I am excited to see if Baby C will accept it. I mixed it with a portion of broccoli puree saved from yesterday.

She ate the whole saucer full, unlike yesterday, where she ate only 6-7 scoop. What a difference when introducing the same food again. She seemed to like it a lot. Here is a video:

You can read more about how I prepare it and olive oil as baby food here.


Mad til Børn: Fra skemad til madpakker, Gode råd og godt at vidt

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