Tuesday 25 October 2016


Day 6: Baby's First Food - The Beneficial Buckwheat/Boghvede/荞麦籽[qiáo mài zǐ]

24 October 2016 (5M1W2D) Baby C loved it.

I decided to introduce buckwheat today. Buckwheat is one of the grains recommended by the Danish health authorities for babies 4-6 months old, as it does not contain gluten. Apart from that, buckwheat is also very nutritious, a very good substitute for the less nutritious white rice that we Singaporeans eat. Thus, I wanted to accustom Baby C to it at an early age.

Baby C liked it very much, and finished the whole saucer :-)

You can read about how I prepared it here.

She finished the whole saucer :-)

Here is a picture of Baby C today

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