Wednesday 26 October 2016


J Summary (7Y7M21D): Positive Feedback from His Teachers

We had met the teachers day today. Both of his Danish and Maths teacher told us that our Little FECS is doing very well in school - among the top in his class for Danish and Maths. He is also reading very well in Danish and among the top in his class. His class has 22 students. The teacher also told us that J is highly popular, in fact the most popular person in his class. This means that he has a moral responsibility to be a good role model. We were pleasantly surprised.

Daddy FECS commented that he noticed also that J has a very strong grasp of numbers. Daddy FECS credited to my efforts in doing Montessori with him. However, I think it is more to Daddy FECS' credit. He managed to make learning fun for J in their daily day-to-day conversation. If we ask J, I am sure, he would say that it is Daddy FECS who inspired him.

This doesn't mean that Montessori is not effective. I think Daddy FECS and me complemented each other - thankfully. Montessori is really good, but I just need to make sure that I don't have too much of a Tiger Mom, and in the process of educating J, become a kill joy. It is a humbling experience, but I am still learning, and hopefully I improve.

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