Sunday 30 October 2016


Day 7: Baby's First Food - The Precious Peas/Ærter/豌豆[wān dòu]

I introduced the peas to Baby FECS today. Seemed like she preferred broccoli to peas though. It could also be that she was too tired today, as I introduced this food late in the day, although she still ate the full saucer. Although t is recommended that new food should be introduced in the early part of the day, I never could get it all ready, and always ended up feeding my baby at dinner time. Well, life is not perfect, and things don't fit so beautifully together, but she survived. 

I also didn't manage to make any food for her yesterday. When the two boys (Daddy FECS and Little FECS) are home, one should think that I would get more help, and thus more things done. The reality is that I always become less efficient. Thankfully, a ripe avocado came to my rescue :-) 

I noticed that she is getting more hungry now, and my breast milk does not seem to satisfy, even though I have now increased the frequency of nursing - to the point of tiring myself out. So after more than a week of food-sampling, it looks like solid is more seriously needed now (Have to say, the Danish health nurse is right). So now I have to take the job of making baby food more seriously and plan it into my daily life now :-(

I made a cup and froze the rest in the freezer.

If you wish to see how I prepared peas, click here.

Here is a picture of her today :-)

30 October 2016 (5M7D)

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