Wednesday 22 August 2018


The Simple Orange Juice As Snack for Toddlers

I am thinking: What can I serve as a healthy snack for Baby FECS, who has been asking for ice-cream?

Then I thought of serving her some freshly squeezed orange juice. It's easy to juice an orange, and you don't need an electric juicer, and all the clean up that goes with it.

Although it would be best to serve an orange as cut fruit to get the fibre, at least orange juice is many times healthier than ice-cream. It's all relative. Thus, occasionally, orange juice can still be quite a wholesome alternative :-)

P.S. I do give Baby FECS ice-cream, but would like to reduce the frequency, as she is requesting for it almost every day!!!

13 August 2018 (2Y2M27D)

 13 August 2018 (2Y2M27D)

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