Saturday 25 August 2018


Toy of the Day: LEGO Duplo

25 August 2018 (2Y3M9D): The car Baby FECS built all by herself

I started on a new job 5 months ago, and haven't had so much time to be with Baby FECS. It is always a challenge for moms, and I feel it keenly, although my fellow colleagues who are moms don't. I guess we are all different. 

The last few times we interacted with LEGO Duplo - the LEGO Duplo playground, Baby FECS wasn't quite interested in building, but in playing with it. Today, Our Little FECS was helping to clean up some LEGO and Baby FECS went to disturb his work. Then Daddy FECS noticed that Baby FECS began to build the LEGO car herself. This happened by coincidence. Our Little FECS didn't really start actively building LEGO until 3 or 4 years old. Thus, Baby FECS is an earlier developer in this aspect. In fact, Baby FECS, is an earlier developer than Our Little FECS, in all aspects, except language. It must be due to the gender and birth order difference.

It is, of course, comforting to see that Baby FECS is developing well, despite the fact that I am working full time. Work is going great, and actually relaxing compared to spending time with a toddler!!! I even master programming and succeeded in automating a report with programming a macro. I have always been wanting to learn programming since I started work in 2005, but it was only recently that I got to do it after 13 years. I wish I could work half-time, but this is not a possibility. But every other day, I swing between the thought of quitting and continue with my full time work. Baby FECS is growing up so fast. Her language development is not as advanced as Our Little FECS at this age, and I reckoned that it is because I started this new job as she turned two years old. I don't get to see her as much, and that means I don't get to speak as much Mandarin to her. Oh.. oh... I am so torn...

25 August 2018 (2Y3M9D): The structure Baby FECS built all by herself. I called it a boat.

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