Monday 26 August 2019


C Summary (3Y3M10D) - C Accepted Christ Today

This evening I read the Jesus' story to C. She was very sad to see Jesus injured on the cross, with blood on His head, hands and feet. She told me that she likes/loves Jesus. It was time for bed. We finished the story, I put her to bed and switched off the lights.

She was asking me questions about it. A thought came into my head that maybe I should ask her if she would like to be a Christian and accept Christ, and if she wanted to sinner's prayer. She said yes. I asked her to pray after me, and she did word-by-word. I prayed to thank God for forgiving her sins, and washing her sins away with Jesus' blood. I asked Jesus to enter her heart and come into her life. I asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. I asked Jesus to help her to be kind and love others. I prayed with her to thank Jesus for dying on the cross for her sin. I asked Jesus to give her eternal life. She prayed all of these and repeated after me in Mandarin in the dark bedroom. She was laying on the crib holding my hands. She sat up and held my hand together during the sinner's prayer. I was sitting on the mattress on the floor. We said "Amen" together.

She said she wanted to be a Christian because Daddy is a Christian. She said her brother is a Christian too and also me, her mom, too. But she asked where Jesus is, as she couldn't comprehend that Jesus is both in the room and in her heart because He is God/Spirit. Thus, he can both be in the room and in her heart, although she couldn't see Him. She seemed to accept what I said. We don't have to understand everything to accept Jesus, but we should come like little children as C did.

I don't know how much significant that she really meant it and understood it, when we prayed together. But I held it close to my heart. I will do assurance of salvation with her and ask her again to make sure that she really decided to be a Christian. But she sounded very sincere during during the prayer.

I thank God deeply for this moment for allowing me the mom to lead our daughter to Christ. I thank God deeply for this moment, for allowing me the mom to lead our daughter to Christ. I thank God for the sweet, special and precious memory of today.

It has been on my mind - our children's salvation. And maybe this is why God allowed them to accept Him at such a tender age. C did say every word of the prayer clearly. if she omitted some of the words, I would repeat it and she would say it after me. She was happily and willingly saying it.

As I read the story of Jesus' death and resurrection, a thought came to me. The angels and Jesus appeared in front of Mary to show her, who was grief-strickened about Jesus' death. Mary really needed to know that Jesus was alright. Thus, the angels and Jesus appeared to her, to give her a direct re-assurance.

I think Jesus really knows my heart's desire for our children's salvation. Thus, God allowed me to lead them to Christ and for asking questions about Jesus at a young tender age. No, it doesn't mean that they have understood, nor understood what i meant. I don't understand everything either. But God gave them the desire to accept him, to have that simple faith. God knows that I really want our children to be saved, that we will be in heaven together as a family. It's so precious to me, the memory of this evening. I know also that it's only just the beginning, but it's a good beginning. I pray for J, J, F and me, that we will know him, our whole family is saved with Him.

To others, it sounds too naive. Perhaps C just wanted to sleep and it's and it's her way to get me out quickly and out of the door, by saying the sinners' place. That's also find what others think.

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