Thursday 15 August 2019


Easy Chocolate Energy Balls/Bars Using Blender


1. A handful of nuts and/or seeds e.g. almonds, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, etc.
2. 6 dried dates pitted
3. 1 TBS cacao powder
4. 1 TBS skimmed milk powder (optional)


1. Blend together.
2. Test and see if the mixture would stick together and if it is sweet enough to your taste. Adjust by adding more nuts or dried dates accordingly.
3. Form into balls - this can be a little time-consuming. You can also spread the mixture on a tray and cut into bars or pieces.


Can keep in the fridge for two weeks.

You will need natural dried dates. It cost 25 DKK for a pack of 600 g at Netto or Lidl supermarket at the vegetable section.

In your blender, add the dried dates

Add some nuts...

Add some seeds...

Add some skimmed milk powder...

Blend starting with Speed 1 and slowly working up to Speed 3 for 30-45 seconds...

If it is not sticky enough or not sweet enough, adjust with more dates.

Blend again as before...

Now it's done :-) I like mine chunky, so that I can feel the nuts. 

If you wish to have it more smooth, give it another round of blending and it will look like this.

Here are the caffeine-free dates and nut energy balls for Baby FECS

I also sprinkled on some carob powder for her.

Add 1 tablespoon of cacao powder and blend...

Now it's done :-)

Form into balls

I am too lazy to form into balls for the rest of the dough. I spread it out on a plate, and cut into bite sizes.

I wrap it up with plastic and keep it in the fridge. They are ready to be popped into the mouth or...

used in lunch boxes as a sweet treat :-)

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