Wednesday 6 November 2019


C Summary (3Y5M20D): Today Marked the Start of Montessori Journey with C on a More Regular Basis

6 November 2019 (3Y5M20D): I started Montessori with J, when he was two years old. C is almost 3.5 years old, but such activities were rare and infrequent. Today, I finally got my feet together. We tried this for the first time today. She enjoyed it very much. She could do it easily, but still find it fun to do. At some point, she did try to pour the whole bowl into the other bowl, like what J did. With this, today marked the start of the Montessori journey with C that will become a more regular part of our regular evening routine - the start of a more regular school time with mommy. We usually try to start this activity at 7 pm, and try to finish by 7.30 pm. However, school time can continue on until 8 pm, if she asks for more, which is way too late, and it becomes a dilemma for me. I want to prioritize sleep, but it is not always easy.

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