Tuesday 26 November 2019


J Learning Chinese from a Teacher in Beijing

Our Little FECS has recently started a trial class learning Chinese from a Chinese teacher in Beijing, while he is sitting in Denmark. Initially, I must say I was quite skeptical, but it is actually surprisingly fun and quite effective. 

Below is a video of the class:

Our Little FECS loves it. I don't have to always nag at him about learning Chinese now. Instead, it is the other way around: He asks me when he will be going for Chinese class again and pester me to sign him up :-) 

As such, I am helping to promote it.

If you wish to have a free trial class, you can drop me a comment below or write to me at familyfecs@gmail.com

If you sign up the class via me, you will also get to receive some special discounts only to readers of this blog.

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