Monday 24 May 2021


Danish Sweet Summer Biscuits Kammerjunker

Makes 50 kammerjunker


1. 100g cup (equivalent to approx. 1 cup white whole wheat flour which I use)
2. 25g Grahams flour or whole wheat flour
3. 1 tsp vanilla powder
4. 1/2 tsp baking powder
5. A dash of salt (optional)
6. 50g sugar
7. 50g butter (or 25g butter and 25g olive oil)
8. 1 egg

1. In a mixing bowl, add and stir all the dry ingredients, flour, sugar, baking powder, vanilla powder and salt.

2. Mix in the butter into the dry ingredients with your hands so that it becomes very small crumbs.

3. Add in the olive oil and egg to form into a dough. 

4. Weigh 5g of dough for each biscuit. Form into a ball and press down into a round flat biscuit-shape.

5. Bake in a pre-warmed 160 degree celsius oven for 15 minutes or until golden.

6. Let cool before serving. When it is cooled, it will harden.

Additional information:

My family loves having these Danish biscuits with koldskål during the summer time. Today is a holiday. Our Little FECS suggested to make this together as our bonding activity.

The original recipe asked for 50g butter, but I substituted half of it with olive oil, and they still come out fantastic, with the aroma of butter in the biscuit but healthier. I think next time I can still reduce the sugar to 40g without feeling that it is not sweet enough.

Daddy FECS gave a thumbs up after trying it. Most store-bought biscuits don't include the grated lemon skin. I made it the first time and I didn't like it so much. It was also more work. The second time I made these biscuits, I left it out of the recipe.


1/2 baking powder

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