Sunday 23 May 2021


Homemade Raspberry Marshmellows


1. 400g sugar
2. 200ml water
3. 12 pieces of gelatin sheets (called "husblas" in Danish)
4. 1 tsp vanilla powder
5. Freeze-dried raspberry
6. Castor sugar to prevent sticking


1. Soak the husblas gelatin sheets for 10 minutes.

2. In a pot, add water and sugar and cook until all the sugar dissolved and reach a temperature of 118 degree celsius (use a food thermometer to measure).

3. Off the fire, drain the husblas of water and add into the sugar mixture, stir constantly until they are dissolved.

4. Let cool, but not hardened, approx. 10 minutes. Meanwhile, blend or pound freeze-dried raspberries into raspberry powder.

5. Transfer to the electric mixer, add raspberry powder and beat until it turned white.

6. Sprinkle a chopping board with castor sugar to prevent sticking, spread the marshmellow mixture on it.

7. Sprinkle more raspberry powder on it and cut into bite-size.

8. Lett cook for 3 hours.

Additional Information:

I didn't know that mash-mellows can be homemade, but Our Little FECS wanted to make them with me and has found the recipe on the internet. So excitedly we tried it today. 


Gelatin sheets can be bought from Netto supermarket

Here are the ingredients

Soak the gelatin sheets in water

In a pot, add 200ml of water and turn on heat

Add 400g of sugar

Add vanilla powder

Bring to boil on high (no. 9 on my stove) until the temperature reaches 118 degree celsius, then turn off fire immediately. Let cook for 10 minutes but make sure that the mixture does not harden.

Fall mixture into an electric mixer

Beat mixture in an electric mixter until it turns white and has the consistency as shown below

Pound freeze-dried raspberries into raspberry powder

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