Monday 4 July 2011


J Summary (2Y3M30D) - Can Say 1-10 in Mandarin Chinese, Danish and almost English

Every evening during bedtime, J loves to practice saying 1-10 in Mandarin. J would always miss out the number 4. We would take turn to count 1-10. When he finishes his, I would praise him saying "慨恩聪明" meaning "J is clever" . He would say to me, "轮到妈妈了" meaning "it is mommy's turn now". When I finish counting, he would praise me back saying, "妈妈聪明" meaning "mommy is clever". We would both laugh at how he is copying me, even using the same words I use for praising me on me.

Today, he counted 1-10 in Mandarin Chinese completely without missing out the number 4. It was the first time I heard it all correct.

He took a step further by taking the iniative to count 1-10 in Danish after doing it in Mandarin Chinese. For the fist time I heard him counting in Danish without missing a single digit as well. Pleasantly surprised, I asked him to count 1-10 in English. He could do it, if we do it together. Then he got his Danish and English all jumbled up. It was funny to see his progress and regress :-)

J's love for learning makes me glad, whether he gets his English right or not.

Saying Please, Thank You and Grace

Today, we walked to get J's passport renewed. All the way there, he would ask for a biscuit. I would ask for the magic word. He would say "Please", and then "thank you". Today, he did something very sweet. He would say "要祷告" meaning must pray. Then he would fold his hands and quiet silence for a second, and then he said "Amen, Amen". This repeated itself for almost each of the biscuit in the bag. Towards the end of our walk, the packet was almost empty. So he had practiced saying a lot of "please", "thank you" and "Amen" :-)

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