Saturday 2 July 2011


Montessori Activity: Making Coloured Ice-Cubes

Age: From 2.5 years old

Activity Duration: 15 minutes


1. To teach the concept of colour mixing and names of colours
2. To teach the use of dropper and the concept of squeezing and releasing to make it work.
3. To teach the concept of temperature with the use of ice


1. 3 small bowls
2. 1 jug of water
3. 3 droppers, one for each colour
4. 3 food colouring - I chose blue, green and red
5. 1 ice-cube tray with lids
6. 3 teaspoons
7. Kitchen towel for drying and cleaning
8. 1 tray (optional)


1. Show your child by dipping the dropper into the red food colouring and dropping it into the bowl.

2. Fill the bowl with water and stir with a teaspoon to mix well.

3. Invite your child to do the same for mixing the blue and red coloured water.

4. Use the dropper to transfer the red coloured water into the ice-cubes tray.

5. Invite your child to do the same and for the other two coloured water.

6. Put into the freezer and freeze into ice

Additional Information:

I have wanted to make coloured ice-cubes for sometime, but could not find the time to do so. J likes to play with water, and he is getting a little bored today with all the other activities. So I decided to make it into an activity and do it with J.

I tried to resist myself from helping him with the use of dropper. He struggled with it a lot in the beginning and got it right for half of the time. He enjoyed this activity, but got very tired towards the end at using the water. I completed the blue and green coloured water for the ice-cubes.

So now it is in the freezer waiting to be frozen into ice for the next activity, which i hope to write a post about it. So, stay tuned :-)

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