Saturday 9 July 2011


Montessori Activity: Self-Service Work Station for Toddlers


1. To help the child to develop independence skills and self-confidence.
2. To help the child to develop the good habit of doing things himself.


1. Kid-size table
2. Kid-size chair(s)
3. Low shelf or basket of books within reach
4. A container with coloured pencils or crayons
5. Paper supplies

Additional Information:

This is basically a kid’s size table and chair. It gives your toddler a place to call his own and at the same time saves yourself from backaches by always having to carry your child up on the high chair or adult chair. I consider this a must have. For now, the aim is for the child to go to the desk and help himself to the paper and the crayon and draw. I believe it will give the child a good habit of sitting on a writing desk, and motivate him to go to his work desk to do his homework, when he is older and starts formal schooling. Notice that I also place books on a nearby shelf that is easily within his reach from his table.

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