Saturday 30 July 2011


Pretend Play: Tool Set for Children

Tool Box from IKEA 49 DKK (9.45 USD or 11.28 SGD)...


Age: From 4 years old

1. To develop the child's fine motor skills through pounding, hammering, screwing, drilling, etc.
2. To incultivate the Danish DIY tradition to Joshua.
3. To teach self-sufficiency and life skills.
4. To teach the child to give respect to blue collar work.

1. Screw-driver
2. Hammer
3. Saw
4. Drill
5. Screws
6. Nuts
7. Wing nuts
8. Bolts
9. Wrench
10. Plier

How to Play with It?

Here are some Ideas:

1. Transferring Stones with Pliers

2. Opening Battery-operated Toy with Screwdriver

Such toys are only to be played with close parental supervision, and from children who are able to obey parental/guardien instructions.

Additional Information:
The Danes have a lovely DIY (Do-IT-Yourself) tradition. My brother-in-law built his own wall, fitted his own door and room when improvising their house. I think this is due to the high cost of Danish labour cost. It costs a bomb to hire contractor. As a result, many (although not all) Danish men are very handy. In the day, they work in the offices, bank, etc. and in the evening and during summer vacation, they work on carpentry at home. White and blue work are sometimes very blurred, unlike in Asia. There is generally more respect given to non-professional and blue collar workers in Scandinavia. Class divide does exist in Denmark and Scandinavia, but to a much lesser extent than compared to Asia, China, the USA and India (esp. with India's caste system). I would like Joshua to embrace and perpetuate such egalitarian mentality from his Danish/Scandinavian roots.

Some time ago, we saw the plastic Black & Decker power tool workshop at the flea market and wanted to buy it for Joshua, but decided not to after inspecting them. Those plastic screw drivers, screws, etc. do not work so well, and seems boring. In addition, it is very expensive. We were thinking why don't we give Joshua some kid's friendly real tool and create something for Joshua to work on using real tools!

Then I saw this cute and very sophisticated and real children's tool kit in amazon. It is rather expensive at 30 USD, but the seller doesn't deliver to Denmark or Singapore, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I found something similar at IKEA. Note that the IKEA tool set is not made for children, but I think it fits perfectly as the first tool kit for children.

When Florian has the time, he would make a working board for Joshua, inspired by Counting Coconuts (I intend to ask this for my Christmas gift from Florian, to make sure that it gets done :-)). In the mean time, I have gotten all the tools ready... except the piece of wood :-)


Homemade "Black & Decker" Power Tool Workshop for Toddlers

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