Wednesday 27 July 2011


Show Baby Photo Album of Himself, Daddy and Mommy

Age: From 9 months old to limitless...

Additional Information:
Amid the busy hectic life style, slow down once in a while and look at old photos together with baby... It will bring back many warm memories, and bond baby and you, as well as big baby (I mean your hubby) and you. Once in a blue moon, we showed Joshua his baby picture since he was 9 months old.

We have completed the picture album of Joshua from 0 - 6 months old a year ago, then we got busy. Today, I finally have developed the photos of him to 9 months old. The next batch would be to develop pictures of him from 9-12 month until we are up-to-date.

This evening, we sat and looked through the pictures during the bed time routine with Joshua (2Y4M22D). He could point out that the baby was him. We showed him pictures of his friend Amy when she was a baby around 11 months old. We asked him who that baby was. To our great surprise, he said "Amy". We showed him several other pictures of Amy, and he continued to be able to recognize that that was Amy. Amazing!!!

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