Friday 11 November 2011


Cooking Tomato-Soup with Electric Slow Cooker

Recipe by Lia Stoltzfus

- 1 cup of macaroni
- 2 potatoes ( cut cubes)
- 1 carrot
- 1 cup of sweet corn
- 250 gr of minced beef
- 1 glass of tomato pasta sauce and herbs
- 1 tsp of salt
- 1 tsp of pepper
- Water to fill up the crockpot

Add all ingredients together in the slow cooker and according to Lia, "cook low for 9 hours from 9 pm till 6 am, and the house will smells good when u wake up :-)"

Additional Information:
I am running out of easy ideas of what to cook for a meal. I usually use the electric cooker to cook Chinese-style soup, and thus I was very happy to find this :-). The original recipe calls for celery, but since I didn't have, I use green peas instead.

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