Monday 14 November 2011


J Summary (2Y8M9D) - Sick Today

J prepared a meal for his puppy today and showed it to me, how sweet :-)
J is hardly sick, which I attribute to the healthy Super Baby Food that I feed him daily for breakfast at least. But he is still mortal. Today, he finally fell sick with running nose, cough, quite a high fever. It started with diahorrea on Friday.

To make matter worse, I am also sick and Daddy is also sick. It is REALLY hard to be sick if you are a two working parents family. (Here my heart goes out with the single working moms, it must be even more doubly hard).

Daddy made it to work. I stayed at home with J.

To take care of a sick child is hard enough. But if you are also sick yourself. God helps you.

Yet, I really thank God for this sick day. It gives me a chance to shower tender loving care on J. Memories flooded my mind about my childhood and how my mother took care of me, when I was sick. She would cook special meals, cleaned up my vomit and other stuff, put a towel with ice on my forehead to reduce the high temperature, listened to my howling, stayed up all night to nurse me.

I really didn't know how my mother did it. I wondered how she could have the energy for it. It must be so taxing, yet she did. She really is the best mother I could ever ask for. She did everything so right, although she did not have much education. She does not think at all of herself. She thinks only of us, her children. She gave her ALL. I truly cannot hold a candle, even though I have been given arguably more resources than she had. However, she was a stay-at-home mom.

Still today, I saw the miracle of love, the power of love, that a sick mother could somehow raise herself from all weak knees to attend to J and attended to her work.

Admittedly, I did not put cold towel on J's forehead like my mom did for me. My mind went to all the work piling up at the office... that has disturbed my rest to get well and my full devotion to J.

Oh Lord, help me to take care of J the way my mother took care of me, when I was a sick child. If I have to put away everything, oh Lord, help me to put away my work, without feeling guilty. Help me to have the courage to risk losing my job, knowing that You will provide. Health once lost, will not be found back, a kind colleague once told me. Usually one can always look for a new job. Help me, O Lord, to trust in you.

Oh Lord, I thank you too, for this day, for this day of sickness, for in everything, you have a purpose and something beautiful to see. It is a day of bonding of two sick cats, really special and memorable. It could otherwise not have the opportunity to blossom and deepen my love for J and I and for the family.

I am determined to rest well tonight.

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