Friday 18 November 2011


J Summary (2Y8M13D) - Meet Stuart & Sally

Stuart & Sally
Meet Stuart & Sally

Hope they will live happily ever after.

J became very attached to his Training Teddy Bear, which I introduced to him when he was 18 months old. We were very afraid that if it is misplaced one day, we will be in deep trouble. Thus, we got a spare teddy bear at the flea market sometime ago. In fact, we got it for free as the lady could see that J really likes the teddy bear, and she said that it is for him. We display it high up on the shelf.

Some time about two months ago I think, J spotted it, and ever since then, everywhere he goes, he will always bring them along - Teddy Bear no. 1 and Teddy Bear no. 2, downstairs at the dinning table, to the toilet on the potty, and also to the daycare everyday. He would also hug both of them to sleep. Heaven forbids that we lose them one day!

Today, J came down with the two bears for breakfast as usual. The only difference was that Daddy said J has named them Stuart and Sally. I didn't quite believe him, as I didn't think that J would be able to give them names. And of course, it was Daddy who suggested these names to J :-). Daddy thought that it is too sad to call them no. 1 and no. 2 and that they should have names.

How did the name Stuart come about? It was the name of the pony that J rode on this autumn at Dyrehaven. How about Sally? Well, Daddy thought that this name goes well with Stuart.

Ohhh.... how cute!!! So we now have Stuart and Sally with us for life as part of the family. Hope they will stay together and live happily ever after. That's the model of marriage we want to inculcate in J :-)

Four days later, his little pull string puppy got a name too - called Didi. Daddy thought that it was also high time that the toy dog gets a name. So he asked J what name to give it. J said something like di di... and so Didi is now the dog's name.


J is getting better at cutting, but still not so good at holding pen or pencil. Although I am not so good at remembering it, at the moment, I am trying my best to remember to include one cutting activities and one pincer grip activity for each week. The pincer grip activity is usually tracing with Kumon book. This is the only thing that J is willing to spend time holding a pencil for a long long time!!! He does not like to draw or paint... which are very good activities for him to practise pincer grip.

Daddy on the other hand is concentrating on his ball sense. If he takes him for bedtime routine, they will be playing with balls. Incidentally, Daddy used to be a handball player.

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